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Water & Waste Water
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   * DALIS INTERNATIONAL INC. located in Toronto Canada is world wide water and wastewater treatment engineering and design consulting firm with over 15 years experience in municipal and industrial water, wastewater & sewage treatment plant operations and services.
   * At DALIS INTERNATIONAL INC., together with its associate companies, successful performance is achieved by combining a variety of proven engineering and scientific techniques into unique solutions that result in better wastewater/water management. We are well known for providing cost effective solutions to our clients while still achieving optimal environment protection. 
   * Our staff includes an engineering core supported by chemistry, microbiology, statistics, risk assessment, and a full range of analysis and measurement.
   * As a result of our commitment to finding the best possible solution for each situation, DALIS INTERNATIONAL INC. has achieved a reputation for leadership in the environmental engineering field.
   * We provide a wide range of services, including traditional engineering services, and the turnkey services of designing, building, financing, and operating wastewater and water facilities.
   * DALIS INTERNATIONAL INC. provides clients with adequate water/wastewater solutions using its engineering assets. Site visits and detailed investigations, design, laboratory studies, equipment installation are base for successful project achievements.
   * DALLIS INTERNATIONAL INC. is trade mark for 
* Reliable Solutions for Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction for Water, Wastewater and Sewage Projects.
* Positive relationships with municipalities, clients, manufacturers & contractors
* Value for the invested money
* Prompt and Timely Service
* Service without hitches or problems
* High Quality of Service

To obtain more information send us an e-mail to info@dalisinternational.com

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